About Kolide

About Kolide

What is Kolide?

Kolide is a powerful tool to help your company reach its compliance goals through the power of end-user self-remediation. We leverage the principles of Zero Trust to block a device from accessing your company’s SaaS apps and other resources if it isn’t running the Kolide agent or passing specific requirements.

Kolide believes that Honest Security, transparency, and trust are the best way of building true security into a company’s infrastructure.

What is Honest Security?

Honest Security is a guide to endpoint security and device management that doesn’t erode a company’s values. It was written by Kolide’s founder, Jason Meller, and serves as the guiding principles that we aspire to follow in our product. You can read more about Honest Security and why it matters here: https://honest.security/

What about my sensitive data?

Rest assured - Kolide does not, and never will, read your text messages, see your photos, or read your files.

What powers Kolide?

Kolide uses osquery to aggregate information from across your company’s fleet to help your company achieve its compliance goals. The end-user remediation happens through an integration with Okta. It is our secret sauce and we’d love to show you how it works!

What can osquery do?

Osquery is an API translation layer that allows the use of basic SQL to leverage a relational data-model to describe a device. It allows one to communicate with the device’s OS by querying it like a database.

For more information about osquery’s capabilities, take a look at their website: https://www.osquery.io.

What are Checks?

Checks are your company’s compliance requirements turned into queries. These queries are run at a regular schedule, as well as at the moment of authentication, to determine whether or not a device meets those requirements.

Kolide then takes action on these results by either warning the user that remediation is required or by blocking their access to sensitive data, based on your company’s configuration choices.

Read about some of our available Checks here.

What Checks are running on my device?

To see which Checks are enabled and running on your device, please visit the Privacy Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

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