End-User Remediation

End-User Remediation

Kolide offers the ability to enable and customize end-user driven remediation strategies on a per-check basis. However, there are some behaviors that may impact many Kolide Checks, which can be controlled globally.

Limit Repeat End-User Notifications

Depending on your SSO’s settings, an end-user may be asked to complete a Kolide Device Trust authentication flow more than once per day. In a situation where their device is failing a check that is currently notifying or warning them, each authentication will be halted so they can acknowledge the issues.

For many users, this is often tiresome. They’ve already been alerted to the issues they need to fix previously in the same day and do not need the additional reminder.

In these situations, by default, Kolide will skip the warning/notification phase of authentication for 12 hours as long as no new checks have failed.

You can turn this feature off or change the duration of the automatic skip behavior in end-user-remediation settings.