UI & Menu Bar App

UI & Menu Bar App

The Kolide Desktop App is an unobtrusive menu bar icon that gives users an at-a-glance heads-up on their device status.

Platform Support

The Kolide Menu Bar App is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux (X11 and Wayland-based display servers).

The Kolide Menu Bar App is designed to adhere to the native design language of the underlying OS it runs on.

Unless explicitly configured otherwise, the Kolide Menu Bar App automatically appears shortly after installing the agent.

Status Icons

The Kolide Menu Bar App displays the logo and an optional accompanying badge to communicate the current registration status and health of the device. The icon will be in one of four possible states:

  • Semitransparent Logo - The agent is not registered. For registration instructions, see Device Registration - How To Register Your First Computer.

  • Logo (No Badge) - The agent is registered, and the device is not failing any Checks that block authentication.

  • Logo + Blue Circle Badge - The agent is registered but is failing a Check that uses the “Notify Only” remediation strategy.

  • Logo + Yellow Warning Badge - The agent is registered but is failing a Check that will block authentication soon.

  • Logo + Red “X” - The agent is registered but is failing a Check that is blocking the device from authenticating.

Obtaining Additional Information

Clicking the menu bar icon will give you further useful information: if you’re blocked, you can navigate directly to the End User Portal to learn how to remediate your open issues.

If your device has open issues that are still within the grace period, you can click to see when the grace period ends and you’ll be blocked. From there, you can easily navigate to the End User Portal and resolve the issues before they interrupt your access.


In addition to the menu bar icon and menu, the Kolide Desktop App also delivers notifications when your device’s state changes.

If your device becomes blocked (either because you recently configured a Check to block authentication, or because the grace period on a failing issue has run out), you’ll get a notification.

If you’ve been running with all systems green, but a newly enabled check finds an issue on your device, we’ll be sure to let you know about that as well!

On macOS, Kolide notifications require special permissions. Please refer to the macOS Installation Instructions and the macOS Agent Deployment Guide for more information.