Mobile App

Mobile App

The Kolide mobile app allows iOS and Android devices to communicate with the Kolide service.

How to Obtain the App

The Kolide Mobile App is intended for use with iPhones, iPads, and Android-based mobile devices. End-users can obtain the app from the following locations:

How to Register Mobile Devices

To associate your mobile device with a Kolide organization, follow the instructions outlined in Using Kolide - Device Registration - How to Register Mobile Devices.

Data Collected

The Kolide Mobile App operates within the mobile operating system’s sandbox. As a result, the information Kolide can obtain about the mobile device is generally limited and consists of:

  • The device’s operating system and version
  • The device’s uptime
  • The version of the Kolide agent installed
  • The amount of total RAM
  • Information about the CPU (e.g., A16 Bionic)
  • The make and model of the device (e.g., iPhone 15 Pro Max)
  • Whether the device has been jailbroken or if sideloading is enabled (mobile only)
  • Whether the device has a passcode set up
  • The IP address of the device

Data is only collected when the app is launched by the end-user, or the app is activated via a push notification (e.g., when the user is asked to launch the app to authenticate to an app protected by Kolide Device Trust).