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How to List MDM Authorities Across All Windows Devices

Using Kolide, you can easily view and query Windows MDM Authorities across your fleet.


A Windows MDM (Mobile Device Management) authority is a system that allows administrators to manage and secure mobile devices running Windows. It typically works by enforcing policies, managing applications, and controlling access to network resources.

It enables IT departments to remotely configure settings, push updates, and even wipe data on devices if they are lost or stolen. Furthermore, a Windows MDM management authority can provide detailed reports on device usage and compliance, helping organizations to monitor and optimize their mobile workforce.

What Windows MDM Authority Data Can Kolide Collect?

Kolide's endpoint agent bundles in osquery to efficiently collect Windows MDM Authorities from Windows devices in your fleet. Once collected, Kolide will parse, clean up, and centrally store this data in Inventory for your team to view, query, or export via API.

Kolide meticulously documents every piece of data returned so you can understand the results.

Windows MDM Authorities Schema

Column Type Description
id Primary Key

Unique identifier for the object

device_id Foreign Key

Device associated with the entry

device_name Text

Display name of the device associated with the entry

name Text

The name of the MDM authority.

provisioned_cert_fingerprint Text

The SHA1 fingerprint (also called a thumbprint) of the certificate for this authority.

root_cert_fingerprint Text

The SHA1 fingerprint (also called a thumbprint) of the root certificate for this authority.

server_list Text[]

A list of the management server URLs that are associated with this authority.

collected_at Timestamp

Time the row of data was first collected in the database

updated_at Timestamp

Time the row of data was last changed in the database

Why Should I Collect Windows MDM Authorities?

Collecting information about MDM authorities can be useful in the following situations:

  • Confirm a device is correctly enrolled in an MDM
  • Locate devices that are incorrectly managed by another organization
  • Locate devices that are using a legacy MDM authority

End-User Privacy Consideration

Kolide practices Honest Security. We believe that data should be collected from end-user devices transparently and with privacy in mind.

This property does not capture any personally identifiable information.

When you use Kolide to list Windows MDM Authority data from end-user devices, Kolide gives the people using those devices insight into exactly what data is collected, the privacy implications, and who on the IT team can see the data. This all happens in our end-user privacy center which can be accessed directly by employees.

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